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Welcome to Bomba Command HQ - The combination of my two loves in life; computers and bikes. Tragic, I know...

A little about myself. My handle is 'bomba', but my real name is Jonathan Harris. The 'nic, and the title of this site deriving from the head of Allied Bomber Command during WWII, Arthur 'Bomber' Harris.

I'm 25 and English, but currently living in Luxembourg. For those outside Europe, it's a small country in Western Europe, sandwiched between Belgium, France and Germany, with a population of about 400,000.

There I work as the head of networks and security at TDK Headquarters Europe (the people that make CDs, videos, etc).

Outside of work, I try to ride as much as possible on my two bikes. I have both a BMX and a mountain bike, but more about them later.

I am one of the main regs in the alt.bmx Usenet newsgroup and I also contribute to alt.mountain-bike. I wrote the alt.bmx FAQ, which can be found here and I also do some technical writing for You can also find the alt.mountain bike FAQ here. I also run some other non-bike related pages that can be found in the links section.

For those wondering about the art at the top of the page, it is the tattoo that belonged to Jason 'JMC' McRoy, the first successful downhill mountain biker from Great Britain and one of my heroes as a teenager. Tragically, he was killed in a motorbike accident on August 23rd 1995. RIP.